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Impacts of Social Media on Businesses

The rise of social media in recent years has been astronomical, and it has become an integral part of the daily lives of so many. Services like Facebook and Twitter have taken over the world and provided everyone with a platform for instant communication and a place to display yourself in any way you see fit.

Instant timeline updates, mobile notifications and private messaging have ensured that users and companies remain in the loop 24/7, and a constant feel of connectivity and togetherness is created because of this. Businesses have benefitted greatly from this boom online, and have utilised these online platforms to advertise their product or services to the masses of users active every day. This allows them to cut down on advertising costs elsewhere, and focus their efforts on these new sites.

The fact that all of these companies are using social media also benefits the general public as much as the business. The followers of these companies can have quick updates and news about the company on their timelines, meaning they feel closer to the company on a personal level, and can be alerted of new offers and services as quickly as possible.

It also allows the user to communicate with the company one-to-one on private messaging. The public can ask the company specific questions about their offerings, leave any type of feedback or enquire about other services or job availability in a quick and easy way. Social media, although often criticised, has been a large benefit for many companies and users who are looking for an easier way to communicate with one another.

It will be absolutely crucial in the future for large companies and start-ups alike to grasp the concept of social media advertising to grow, evolve and provide more for the general user.