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Happy new year from everyone here at HEXComputing! We are proud to say that we are back and ready for an even more successful 2016, after a fantastic 2015.

Over the course of the previous year, we accumulated thousands of sales from our hourly services. Ratings were as high as ever, and our company truly became the reliable, resourceful and competitive company we sought out to be at our creation. We fought against much larger organisations by offering the consumer a place where they can find all they need in a friendly and trustworthy company.

We now offer 12 different hourlies entering 2016, all of which have fantastic ratings on PPH. From web design to social media likes/followers and SEO to other website related implementations, we are confident that our 2016 will be as successful as our 2015, and we hope we can grow as a company in the process.

We have big plans for this year, and I truly hope we can make as big of a transition as we did in 2015 in regards to size of the company, and establish our name in the market. Our story coming from a local startup to a large company is inspiring to say the least, and if our year goes as well as last year, the solar is the limit for us here at HEXComputing.

Our biggest revelation this year is the beginnings of HEXeTronics, our global electronics dealership and eCommerce site. Offering everything the consumer could want from the modern world of advancing technologies, we are excited to introduce this some time during 2016.

Further work will be done to improve our hourly services and hopefully bring them to separate companies of their own.

And lastly, I would like to thank you, the consumer. We couldn’t have had such a great year without our patient and grateful clients, and we hope you have faith in HEX for the future.