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In case you didn’t know already, WordPress is a versatile and efficient way of producing beautiful, functional websites. There are many reasons why nearly 23% of the web uses WordPress, and this value continues to grow.

Simplicity is one of the main attractions of using WordPress to build your websites. You at home can make changes to your website without having to look at a single line of code, making WordPress attractive to everyone from small business owners to professional web designers. Despite this simplicity, the customisation options of WordPress remain endless.

There are thousands of pre-built themes available for you online which you can incorporate within your site in a few clicks, making your site look however you want it to. The countless amount of powerful plugins made by the massive WordPress community can add functions to your site such as analytics, e-commerce shops and defences from online criminals. If this wasn’t enough, WordPress websites are perfect for search engines.

Due to the simple code behind every WordPress site, search engines find it easier to deliver your site to all the people that are searching for whatever you offer. This in turn will give you more visitors, which is never a bad thing!

We feel that using WordPress doesn’t just benefit the people who make the site, but more the people who own the site. You are guaranteed to receive an attractive, flexible and functional site to use as a blog, to run a small business or just to keep track of your hobbies; WordPress is for everyone.